Rebecca Gudeman

Senior Director, Health, National Center for Youth Law

Why did you choose Seedling?

We needed an evaluation partner able to develop and implement a systems-level evaluation as well as evaluations for specific community-based interventions. Seedling had the knowledge and experience to meet these technical needs.

We also wanted to make sure we had an evaluation partner who would approach the work with sensitivity and respect because we work with young people who have experienced the foster care system. Seedling has not only done that—they have also worked to find ways to engage youth in the evaluation process as co-evaluators.


What did you achieve by partnering with Seedling?

We asked Seedling to help us develop an assessment tool to evaluate whether a given intervention was appropriate and responsive for youth in foster care. Seedling was mindful of not wanting to put the burden of constant assessment on the shoulders of young people.

They did extensive interviewing of youth and created an assessment tool grounded in the priorities and values of youth—one that agencies can use to self-evaluate how “youth-friendly” their programs are. In other words, Seedling was able to create tools that programs can use to consider and self-evaluate if they are youth-friendly, grounded in youth values, and hold the perspective of young people without over-burdening them.


You’ve partnered with Seedling more than once. What is it that brings you back?

We have had several different kinds of evaluation needs that require very different kinds of evaluation and learning. Seedling has treated each project uniquely. They have listened and focused on what was needed for that particular project. Their flexibility and responsiveness to the need at hand makes us feel safe going back to them each time.


Would you recommend Seedling to other organizations?

Yes! Especially for organizations working in the social justice space and who are looking for an evaluator they can trust to engage in the community respectfully and equitably.

The lead evaluator comes from a professional background in mental health. Over and over, she has leveraged insights and knowledge about humans and human interaction to help improve how we engage with youth and the work we do together.

We really appreciate working with the Seedling team. They were accommodating to our needs and created good energy.

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