Joanna Lamb Looby

Program Director, Community College Foundation

Why did you choose Seedling?

Seedling really feels like a boutique consulting service, tailored to your individual needs.

The Seedling team is warm and responsive with comradery and support. It feels like they are in it with you in the trenches. We appreciate their level of experience and depth of knowledge, especially with those individuals who have experienced high levels of trauma.

Marcia’s research approach is both qualitative and quantitative. She teases out information that may otherwise have been missed. She is very professional and has the ability to synthesize and see patterns in the data.


What were you able to achieve because of your partnership with Seedling?

The first year of operation would not have happened without Marcia. She did a lot of heavy lifting and went above and beyond. There would be no grant or program without Seedling.


You’ve partnered with Seedling more than once. What is it that brings you back?

They are reliable and their communication is excellent! We recently applied for two grants and asked Seedling to be our evaluator, even though it is not required by the grant, because Seedling’s expertise is important to our work.

We have developed a relationship with Marcia over the years and we have been able to co-create data systems and workflows—we work well together. Marcia is knowledgeable and so flexible and available. She managed the project despite barriers, and we built a process together which runs smoothly today.

Marcia is intelligent, professional and collaborative. She thinks and talks things out. I appreciate the “thinking conversations,” as those are so valuable—and are sometimes more productive than focusing on the current task. I also appreciate Marcia’s experience and deep knowledge combined with her clinical background. It’s important to have someone who can offer that support.


Why would you recommend Seedling to other organizations? 

What I respect about Seedling, is their “boundaried” approach. They will tell you if something can’t be done—whether it’s related to the contract, grant, etc.—and that saves a lot of time.

Seedling does not overpromise and they always deliver!

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