Peter Pecora

Managing Director of Research Services, Casey Family Programs

Why did you choose Seedling?

Seedling understands the delicate balance of partnerships with community organizations, using diplomacy and taking the time to really listen and learn about the community. With Seedling, there is a patience, cultural humility, and a curiosity to want to learn the unique situations about the community.

The evaluation team is nimble and understands the nuances of working with communities across Southern California, with expertise in mixed method evaluations.


What sets Seedling apart from other organizations?

When learning about communities and their settings, we need quantitative data enriched and informed by the qualitative data, as the qualitative data provides the connective tissue.

Seedling can pull in specialists as they need to. Marcia pulled together a specialized team that was custom designed and really able to do the work. The team quickly learned about and appreciated the longstanding commitment of Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI) and what it means to the community, taking into account how the work was done.


Why would you recommend Seedling to other organizations?

We valued the combination of clearly written reports and being able to have discussions around those reports. The Seedling team is easy to work with as we exchanged drafts back and forth. It was a joint collaboration and it was helpful that people did not get defensive around that exchange.

It has been a positive experience with Seedling in contracting, documenting, and reporting. Seedling is on our list of recommended evaluators for organizations in Southern California.

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