Effective evaluation quickly identifies core questions matched to client needs. Seedling will make sure you get answers to the right questions.

Specific areas of expertise:
  • Why is your program a standout from the rest?
  • What change is your program trying to achieve?
  • Which research design best captures that change?
  • What programs components work, need improvement, why?
  • How do you use that information to move closer to your vision?

Our experience in public and private sectors make us uniquely qualified to address the questions above and to tailor-fit the evaluation design to your needs. Whether you need to report outcomes to funders, board members, or the public, we provide the knowledge and tools to address whatever comes your way.

  • Evaluation plans
  • Logic models
  • Measurement tools
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Outcome and narrative reports
  • Stakeholder presentations