Well-run programs are data-driven and share best-practice strategies. Seedling consultants bring best-practice standards to small programs and large systems.

Specific areas of expertise:
  • Infant and Childhood Mental Health
  • Multi-Partner/Multi-System Program Design
  • Over 50 Evidence-Based and Promising Practices
  • Large-Scale, Multi-Site Assessments
  • School-Based Mental Health
  • Implementation & dissemination plans
  • Technical assistance
    • Multi-partner collaboration
    • Large scale assessment design
    • Building infant & early childhood mental health programs
    • Establishing school-based mental health programs
  • Agency & staff trainings
    • DSM-5
    • Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health
    • School-Based Mental Health
    • Social-Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Community trainings
    • Identifying the Mental Health Needs of Young Children
    • Raising Socially Emotionally Intelligent Children
    • Advanced Parenting Strategies
  • Consultation to leaders, schools, mental health agencies