Our Vision

Seedling envisions communities where people treat each other with dignity, compassion, and mutual respect.

Our Mission

To support and facilitate diverse individuals and groups through strategies rooted in social justice and community wellness. We deliver creative solutions and quality products designed to meet the specific needs of our clients using a work process that is collaborative and grounded in integrity.


We believe in the power of a collaborative and informed work process that is equally inclusive of everyone’s ideas, uses data to make informed decisions, and reaches outside the realm of typical solutions.

We bring our clients a unique perspective and flexibility that we combine with knowledge and research while holding our clients’ values in place. Our energy results in superior products that are innovative, creative, easily understood, and beautiful. Be it a report, outcomes evaluation, or program development, our clients find that our products “Make perfect sense.”

We believe in the possibility of a society in which every person has dignity and equitable opportunities for their development. Social justice is grounded in values of respect, fairness, and compassion to all, without qualification or prejudice.

We advance social justice through our work to reduce barriers for underprivileged people and communities. We build effective, useful, and accessible programs, improve communication strategies, grow staff and organizational capacity, and assess the delivery of programs. Our products result in higher quality implementation and better outcomes for individuals.

Community wellness is the neighborhood that you call home, where you feel safe enough to ask for help and lend a helping hand to another. It’s a sense of belonging, joy, and safety.

Seedling strengthens community wellness by including community needs in our designs, bridging gaps between recipients and providers, and through programs and products that are clear and useful for growth. Through an inclusive process Seedling products deliver results for stronger communities.